At Francis Accounting Services, we strive to prepare your accounting system and consult you on financial optimization using proper and accurate accounting procedures to ensure that our numbers will support your progress.

For a greater understanding of the accounting procedures we use and services we offer, we have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for your convenience.

What services can I expect from a professional accountant?

As professional accountants in New Jersey, our wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services are designed to effectively help anyone, from a sole proprietorship to an established small business, learn the inner workings of their own accounting system and how make the best decisions for the greatest profitability.

Among many others, services you can count on include creating accounting systems for small businesses, full-charge bookkeeping, payroll services, tax return preparation and planning, cash flow management, budgeting, bank reconciliations, and more. We are a mecca of financial management.

How can a professional accountant help me improve my profit and raise my bottom line?

While we work alongside you to improve your profit and boost the bottom line, we incorporate several factors into giving your financial status a whole new direction.

We begin with a business assessment that identifies your company’s strengths and weaknesses through a comprehensive evaluation of operations and current financial position. With this assessment, we can determine which products are the money-makers and which ones are money-suckers. Together we can see your business in full view so we can start to prioritize the path to the greatest profit.

After the business assessment, in combination with other services like cash flow management and tax preparation, we conduct quarterly assessments and comparisons based on your business’s progress to further improve or maintain your bottom line.

How can you help me reduce my taxes and improve my returns?

Offering small business owners our New Jersey tax preparation services is one of the strongest driving forces behind what we do. Minimized taxes directly reflect maximized profits, so we’re dedicated to helping you enjoy higher returns. To reduce your taxes, we offer tax planning, tax preparation, mid-year reviews, and year-end reviews.

By employing such a thorough system, this proper and accurate accounting can help reduce those taxes and give you greater insight into what is going on inside your business. When a business waits until after December 31st to try to reduce its taxes, the company misses out on almost every opportunity the government offers to actually reduce tax liabilities.

Don’t get left behind. Get the tax return you deserve.

What is the difference between tax planning and tax preparation?

Tax planning and tax preparation are separated by one literal moment in time: the difference occurs at midnight.

Tax planning is any tax organization completed prior to December 31st, and tax preparation is all tax strategizing processed after December 31st. We help calculate and manage all of your tax planning and tax preparation, as well mid-year reviews and year-end reviews, to keep the entire picture of your business’s financial position, at all times, in sharp focus.

Why should we outsource to accountants in New Jersey if we can do the accounting ourselves?

Congratulations if you already handle your business’s accounting yourself. It can be a big task and, thanks to technology, there are some excellent software systems out there to help smooth out financial structures. However, imagine the breathing room you might be spared for other aspects of your business if we could save you even more money on your accounting costs and supply you with more accounting savvy than you already have.

I know my business could use a financial consultation, but I just can’t afford an accountant.

The very fact that you’re short on cash is exactly the reason you should hire Francis Accounting Services. As your profit and growth experts, we will get your accounting in order, put your financial position in the best shape of its life, and save you money. Often, the services we offer more than pay for themselves in the late fees and penalties alone that we help you eliminate.

Are your accountants CPAs?

No, we are not. We are local, professionally trained accountants in New Jersey with qualifications as professional bookkeepers and QuickBooks specialists.

We will be able to provide you with the same level of expertise as a CPA, the same sophisticated, forward-thinking strategies, and an unwavering degree of accuracy within the business systems we use that are designed directly for each business. And we can do it all at a much lower cost.

We already have an accountant.

Even if you already have an accountant from one of the many surrounding professional New Jersey accounting firms, our broad spectrum of services might still have something in store for your financial needs. In addition to general accounting and bookkeeping, we provide tax planning, improved cash flow management, and consultations on increased profitability, among other services.

Do you prepare taxes for individuals?

Yes, we most certainly do! We believe individuals need to be just as aware of their financial position as any business would./p>

For more information on how our proactive NJ tax preparation and accounting services can reduce your business’s taxes, optimize cash flow management, and boost your bottom line, give our New Jersey accountants a call today for a free consultation.